Sovtek Amps are a good value for your money!

Basic amps that perform well and are a no frills design,
that does the job as well as the high priced alternatives.
Heavy-duty construction. Wide variations of tones possible.
Several models to fit your needs. Hand made in Russia using
Common Parts.


A very hot rod amp for a crunch tone that really does get noticed.
Two EL-34 output tubes for the British  crunch tone. Three 12AX7A
tubes. Basic features. Throw away your distortion pedals! The real deal.
Good for sweet tones too. Extreme gain!  Suggested retail 430.20

Mig-50 H  "Tube Midget"

Another High gain amp , But more civilized smooth distortion due to
the use of 5881-6L6 output tubes. Really clean tones as well.
Two 5881 , three 12AX7A tubes. Warmer fatter tone. Compact design,
pack quite a punch due to the healthy power and output transformers.
Has more of a classic American tone, and does a good Boogie tone too.
Suggested retail   $531.00

Mig-50 H "Tube Midget Combo"

Tube Midget Combo is the same amp Chassis as the Mig-50 H.
Loud and compact amp for a good open back tone, that breaths
well and is very portable as well. Eminence BR 30 speaker for a
classic tone that is hard to beat. Do yourself a favor and listen to
this one... Suggested retail  $603.00

Mig-100 H  (not pictured)

Our most powerful amplifier, the 100H designed by Ed "Tubular" Pennypacker is an excellent choice for the Hard Rock, Metal or Punk musician.  Four 5881-6L6's supply the 100 watts, while the preamp section consists of two 12AX7Wa's and one 12AX7WB.  Ultra high gain input and master volume control for the absolute last word in overdrive! WARNING: These babes are
LOUD...Suggested retail $567.00

Mig-50 B  "Bassov Blues Midget" (not pictured)

Classic blues tones are housed in the same portable cabinet as the Tube Midget.  Warm sounds with tons of bottom, this amp is ideal for small club gigs and recording sessions.  Clean high end.  Ease of use due to simplicity of controls.  Two 5881-6L6's , one 12AX7WA and one 12AX7WB are used in this amp... Suggested retail $531.00

Mig-100 B  "Bassov Blues Boy"  (not pictured)

100 watts of Russian heavy thunder!  Powered by four 5881-6L6's, two 12AX7WA's and one 12AX7WB in the preamp section, this amp provides the ultra lows and unbeatable warmth sought by bass players the world over.  Dual inputs and master volume configuration allow for a wide variety of tones...
Suggested retail $585.00