NEW ARRIVALS:  Novus #1 & Novus #3 (see below)

Introducing Novus Plastic Polish

Novus Plastic Polish #2:

After using Novus #2 plastic polish in my shop for about five years we decided to make it

available to our clients . Novus plastic polish is designed to clean the most delicate plastics .

I have been using it on the most delicate of finishes , varnishes and lacquers and have not

had any problems with chemical reactions on finishes (hazing). The product is water based

and does not have the typical heavy petroleum odor like most other polishes . Novus will

remove rosin on old violins . Also Novus does not dry with a white deposit in cracks and

crevices . This is a definite advantage on old vintage instruments that have many cracks

in the finish . The abrasive is so fine you can use Novus on plastic windshields to remove haze .

Novus will remove fine scratches with minimal effort . Novus #2 has been found to be nontoxic

orally , and is nonflammable as well .

To use Novus #2 , apply a small amount on a 100 % cotton cloth , or use a real high quality paper

towel such as Viva cloth like . It seems to work better to use a tiny amount at a time , rubbing in a

STRAIGHT line with the grain of the wood . On most finishes that have some wax build-up ,

it may be repeated until clean . Do not use a large amount on the finish directly , instead use a

clean part of cleaning cloth . To buff, using a clean part of the cloth ,wipe in straight lines till its squeaky

clean . Pretty simple , there is no wax left behind to cause chemical reactions that result in sticky

or softened finishes that are more likely to be damaged . You will find that surfaces treated with

Novus #2 do not need any sort of wax to look and feel good .

Suggested Uses:

Plastic Cases, CD's, Gauges and Instrument Control Panels , Plastic Storm Windows & Skylights ,

Automobile Interiors , Chrome , Acrylic Paints , Turntable Dust Covers , Anything Plastic or Plastic like.

Novus #1 Plastic Clean and Shine: (not pictured)

Novus #3 Heavy Scratch Remover: (not pictured)

Available in 8 ounce bottles for $7.50 plus

$4.90 shipping & handling U.S.A
(max 2, 8 oz bottles; add 75 cents per additional bottle)

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